PCA 48 Hours at Sebring

Two days of rain, temps in the 50s, fog, and finally some sun and 80 degrees.  This pretty much sums up the first race weekend of the 2014 season at the 48 Hours at Sebring PCA Club Race.

During the offseason, I decided to move the 944 into SP3 class and compete for the 944 Cup.  This took the car weight down from 3080lbs to 2750.  I was excited to see how the car drove at the lighter weight in a new class.


The first race of the weekend was a 45 minute night race..my first night race.  Most of the practice was done the night before in the rain.  Fortunately, the track had dried up before the green flag dropped on Friday night.  I spent most of the race trying to catch a faster Cayman in the corners and ended up taking 1st place in class and 3rd overall.  It was a lot of fun and definitely a challenge.

Race two and three were 30 minute sprint races.  We had 33 Porsche 944s gridded in the same run group.  I had pole position for both races and ended up finishing 1st in both as well.  Here’s a great picture from turn one at the start of the race.

Sebring 2014 P1

Race 3 was a 90 minute enduro.  After spending most of the race in P1, a double yellow allowed another SP3 car to jump out in front of me with only a few laps to go.  Although I had over a second per lap on him, I ran out of time and took second.  A great weekend!!!

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